Tuesday, 11 June 2013

How Real Estate Mogul Vaughn Miller Grows His Career

While many professionals feel unchallenged and underutilized in their current position, Vaughn Miller of Dallas, TX, has always experienced a career of growth and promotion. At the age of 51, Vaughn Miller is the president and CEO of VCM Development Group, which provides commercial real estate services for the greater region. Ever since entering the industry in 1986, Vaughn Miller of Dallas quickly climbed the ladder and achieved positions of executive leadership. How can others do this? Simple:

·       Talk to your boss. One of the most unique aspects of his career is the fact that Vaughn Miller had the opportunity to work with his father Vance C. Miller, who himself was a Dallas real estate legend. By interacting with his father, Vaughn Miller was able to grow as a real estate professional and prove his skill set and ability to learn and acquire new skills. Likewise, professionals should always cultivate a strong relationship with their leaders.
·       Ask for more. There are always opportunities for more work and responsibilities, and if there aren’t, then ask for some. This is the quickest and most effective way to prove your dedication to the company. This is the strategy that Vaughn Miller of Dallas employed when he first joined the industry, and his was quickly promoted to Vice President and headed the commercial brokerage operations.
·       Sharpen your people skills. In the business world, there’s a saying that “your net worth is only as great as your network,” and this is particularly true in real estate. To boost his people skills, Vaughn Miller of Dallas joined many trade organizations such as the National Association of Realtors and the International Council of shopping Centers. By joining associations specific to your trade, you have the opportunity to network with other professionals who can later boost your business through referrals or other unexpected means. Furthermore, these trade associations keep you up to date with the latest trends in your industry.

By following these examples that real estate mogul Vaughn Miller of Dallas, TX, has set, you’ll be on your way to growing your career!

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