Friday, 17 May 2013

Vaughn Miller Discuses Mixed-Used Properties

As the president and CEO of VCM Development Group in Dallas, Vaughn Miller spends much of his time focusing on retail and commercial projects, particularly mixed-used properties. Vaughn Miller of Dallas acknowledges the unique nature of mixed-used property development, especially in the United States. While there are clear zoning considerations in cities, mixed-used development is a technique that blends multiple kinds of functions such as residential, commercial, industrial, or cultural into a single building. “The possibilities are endless with mixed-used properties. It all depends on the client and the end goal,” says Vaughn Miller of Dallas.

While he loves working in retail development and management, mixed-used properties contain unique benefits, according to Vaughn Miller of Dallas. These benefits include but aren’t limited to:

·       Greater variety and density, especially since more features can be fit into a smaller place.
·       Reduced distance between housing, the workplace, shopping centers, and other destinations of interest. This in turn reduces traffic throughout the city and greater region.
·       Stronger character for the neighborhood. Mix-used properties have their own feel and tend to create their own culture that can’t be replicated anywhere else.
·       Pedestrian friendly environments, which tends to spread throughout the greater neighborhood.

In Dallas, Vaughn Miller notes that mixed-use development is also an attractive approach because of financial incentives. Furthermore, larger cities also enjoy the benefit of decreased traffic and centralized neighborhoods, says Vaughn Millerof Dallas. Through his work with VCM Development Group, is able to oversee many mix-used property developments throughout north Texas. While most of the work is focused on retail development, Vaughn Miller has noticed a rise in interest concerning mixed-used properties.

Because of his successful career in real estate development and brokerage, Vaughn Miller of Dallas is able to easily handle the complications that come alongside mixed-used properties. At the age of 51, Vaughn Miller looks forward to many more years of property development to come.

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